Incense Cones | set of 3
Incense Cones | set of 3
Incense Cones | set of 3
Incense Cones | set of 3

Incense Cones | set of 3

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Incense cones come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and scents.
One of 'em is bound to smell great to you! 

Hand-rolled cones made from all-natural wood, resin and sap, dried herbs, and high-quality essential oils.

Four varieties to choose from: 
 Pine Cedar Rose rolled in Copal
 Sandalwood Frankincense rolled in Sage
Jasmine Frankincense rolled in Orange Peel
Jasmine Frankincense 

Featured here with cast concrete incense burner (sold separately). 

Note: Each cone is hand-shaped and may vary slightly. 
Care: Store in a cool, dry place. Incense is made of natural dried ingredients and scent strength may fade. Recommended use within 1 year. 

*materials sourced primarily from High Desert Observatory and Emily Endo. 

Shipped from Portland, OR. 
Made by Brittany Rudolf.