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Meet the Makers

Brittany Rudolf

Brittany is an artist originally from the Midwest, now living in Portland. She is co-founder of Material Loop, a multidisciplinary studio and art space. Brittany is a recent graduate of the Applied Craft + Design MFA program, a former GLEAN Artist in Residence, and is also an alum of Signal Fire Art’s Wide Open Studios: Summer Immersion backpacking program.
Primarily using reclaimed materials to construct surreal and perhaps even post apocalyptic landscapes, her work implicates stewardship and interconnectedness as the primary sites for reflection. She applies furniture and architectural forms as stand-ins for the body to define how boundaries shape our identities and protect our vulnerabilities. The changes in scale and material guide the intimacy of the interaction. Derived from personal stories, these often precarious forms become symbols to document and reflect on our shared hopes, fears, and struggles while the intricately embedded symbols invite you to join in the search for meaning.


Aleya Lanteigne

Aleya Lanteigne is an artist originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently resides in San Diego, California. She is a graduate from San Diego State University, where she earned an MFA in Furniture Design & Woodworking.
She works across media - incorporating found and repurposed materials with wood and textiles. Drawing upon the connected histories of furniture and fashion, she parallels garments and upholstery to essentially create wearable furniture.
She sources materials that women use to manipulate themselves in order to achieve what society would find aesthetically beautiful and socially valuable, such as underpinnings.

Alyssa Imran

Alyssa Imran is a maker based out of Indianapolis, Indiana where she earned her BFA in Furniture Design from Herron School of Art & Design. Since finishing her undergraduate degree she has worked for a number of reputable sculptors and woodworkers within the Indianapolis area.
Fluent in woodworking, she continues to hone skills in fiber arts, metal-smithing, and other crafts. Whether it is a small handheld object or a larger furniture piece, her work is inspired by motifs in nature and explores the dichotomy between form and function.
Alyssa is interested in combining her craft and the concepts of human connection and self reflection to positively impact the community.